Driving in Saint Lucia: What to Expect and How to Stay Safe

Driving in Saint Lucia: What to Expect and How to Stay Safe

Saint Lucia is an island surrounded by the Caribbean sea, which gives incredible scenery around the island. This island is the predominant tourist destination, with luxury hotels, restaurants, beaches, unique destinations, and many more. To commence with the driving in Saint Lucia expectations and how to stay safe, here are some tips to get the best advice before hiring a car in Saint Lucia. 

Here we are going to discuss the crucial advice to keep in mind before driving on saint Lucia roads,

Rules of the Roads

Primarily you need to know that driving on the left side of the road causes disorientation for the driver who operates on the right side. To epitome, most people get used to driving on the right-hand side, so it causes obstacles while driving. Similarly, they get used to it within hours, so it’s not a disturbance. The roads are well maintained, but you may encounter potholes and some other hazards, particularly on small roads.

In terms of highway speed limits, Saint Lucia’s top speed limit is 40 mph or 64 km/h. Lower speed limits, however, are frequently found in neighborhoods and other places with a lot of pedestrian activity. It’s crucial to adhere to all set speed restrictions and to drive at a speed that is appropriate for the road’s circumstances.

Saint Lucia Public transport

Saint public transport is entirely privately owned. The minibosses services operate on weekdays during the day and some of them at night time. The traditional taxis drive vulnerable, overcharged tourists as they need to be aware of the fare charge rate. Renting a car in Saint Lucia is a convenient option for exploring the island. 

There is a massive difference between public and car rental convenience. Both have their own pros and cons, but tourists mostly prefer car rental in Saint Lucia.

Safely book the car rental in Saint Lucia

As it is the contemporary era, people tend to hire cars from an online website to make it easier for people to get the vehicle. To elucidate, Online booking makes it easy with just one click, and you get the desired car by just sitting at home. Instead of going out looking for taxi drives and arguing for the fare rate and not to be overcharged. 

Things to consider before hitting the road

There are various things to consider before driving on the road, ensuring you are well-rested and not feeling sleepy or tired. That’s an alarming situation if you feel drowsy, so don’t keep driving, be prepared to take evasive action if you need to.

Furthermore, check the weather conditions before going out. While the island is warm and sunny, humidity in the weather makes the road slippery, which can result in horrible accidents. If you are driving the rental, then you need to be more cautious while driving. Drive defensively and anticipate the other drivers on the road. In case of any damage to the rental car, the company can charge you additional charges. 

Driving a rental car in Saint Lucia

In this, we articulate the predominant benefits of driving a rental car. At night time, most of the cabs and taxis are no longer operating. In this scenario, the rental vehicle is the only option that you can avail of. With the rented car, you can have complete freedom to explore the island’s beauty. The island is surrounded by the Caribbean sea, making it the most beautiful scenery.

In addition, there are various other benefits of having a rental car which include convenience. Having a car means you don’t need to rely on public transport. Secondly, privacy, it gives you privacy and personal space which you can not find on regular transport. Having a car gives you the ultimate freedom to go anywhere, which you don’t get on any other mode of transport.


In this conclusion, we have mentioned the predominant cautions and steps when you are driving on Saint Lucia roads. It’s a bit different driving on Saint Lucia roads, but with a slight preparation and awareness, you can have safe driving. Remember to obey the rules and regulations and drive on the road with care.

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