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Good Ways to Make Extra Money on the Side at Home

There are so many good ways to make extra money on the side these days, this has been a popular trend in recent years. There are numerous alternatives, ranging from taking surveys to selling items. This post will examine the good ways to make extra money on the side, highlighting what distinguishes them and assisting you in selecting the one that best meets your financial objectives.


Are you willing to get your hands filthy? This is how it works. Someone utilizes this service to find people who can help them with jobs like putting together a bookcase, cleaning out a garage, or running errands. If you accomplish as many duties as possible, this could turn into full-time or part-time work. You can apply for jobs, but you can also establish a profile that describes your qualifications so employers can find you.

Cons: As previously indicated, many TaskRabbit assignments entail physical work, such as furniture assembly. If it is your thing, that is fantastic. Consider putting in a few hours. Most of the time, these tasks are quick and straightforward. Payments are frequently accepted within 24 hours of the completion of a project, and funds should be in your bank account three to five days later.

Amazon’s merchandise

To augment his income, John Frigo, an affiliate manager for, claims to create T-shirts on the side. He sells through these websites, as well as and Amazon Merch.

Highlights: According to Frigo, publishing your creations to Merch by Amazon makes it simple to earn pay for them. Graphic designers can upload T-shirt designs, and they handle the rest of the process. Frigo asserts that when its plans are sold, it receives a royalty but is not compelled to take returns, advise customers, or ship anything.

The disadvantage is that you are unlikely to get wealthy. Amazon’s Merch provides royalty fee examples. For example, the royalty rate on a $15.99 T-shirt is $2.21. However, after designing the artwork is completed, it’s easy money if someone purchases your T-shirt. You could be a creative thinker who comes up with ideas rapidly. It might take weeks. However, common sense recommends scheduling a few hours for most people. If your things sell quickly, you may only be compensated once a month.


Do you have a storage space at home? An unused garage or storage structure? These websites can rent through In the self-storage industry, it is analogous to Airbnb. The person who rents your space will pay a service fee to, and you will determine your rental costs.

At the month’s end, you can receive a debit card or have your funds put directly into your bank account. Fees for utilizing are withheld from your payment: a 4.9% processing fee + 30 cents for every monthly payout.

Cons: Give your tenant 30 days’ notice if you need to use your storage space immediately. You’ll have to pay a $60 fine if you don’t give them adequate information. 

Time and money invested: Spend at least a few hours cleaning and preparing to store someone else’s belongings. After approximately 30 days of holding something, you get paid.


If you need more time or energy to organize a yard sale, OfferUp could be a good substitute. After you take a picture of something you want to sell and set a price for it, someone nearby may see it online, like it, the message you, and you may meet in a public place to collect your money. Customers that use OfferUp can have things mailed to them. Although OfferUp is commonly compared to Craigslist, some users argue it is easier to post. This is likely because if you download the app, you can send direct messages to buyers and sellers, and individuals will have profiles with additional information about them. A seller that has earned badges on OfferUp is more likely to be reliable.

Cons: As previously said, meet with a customer to exchange an item in a public place. “Remember that just because someone is buying or selling online doesn’t mean they’re safe,” the OfferUp website warns. You are responsible for your safety, so use caution when hosting a get-together. 

Time invested: The procedure could take an hour or two to several days, depending on how long it takes to sell your stuff. You picture the item, decide on a price, communicate with the buyer, and set a time to meet and exchange the item for payment. After you dispatch an item to a customer, the money typically appears in your bank account four to five days later.

Keep an eye out for money-making schemes

There are many good ways to make extra money on the side, but many of them are dubious or blatant scams. Avoid any “opportunity” that requires an upfront payment, certification fees, your Social Security number, or any other financial information, such as your credit card number.

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